Mayor Tate declares war on electric scooters on the Gold Coast

Mayor Tom Tate wants a crackdown on electric scooters and powered skateboards on the Gold Coast because of fears they’re becoming a menace to pedestrians.

The scooters are particularly popular around Surfers Paradise especially among teenagers.

But a spate of recent near misses which have also featured on social media has prompted Council to act.


Mayor Tate says safety is the number one priority.

“Everyone wants to get out and enjoy our great lifestyle but the number of near misses I am seeing recorded on people’s private social media tells me there is a problem with this issue, particularly when people ride these boards and bikes at considerable speed on our esplanade foreshore areas and high-volume footpaths,” Mayor Tate said.

Mayor Tate will ask for a meeting with Queensland’s Transport Minister Mark Bailey to ensure State and Council laws are in sync.

“I don’t want to be a nanny state and I am not one for creating laws just for the sake of them,” Mayor Tate said.

“But these modern electric skateboards and e-bikes are getting more powerful and their speeds are such that a child or even an adult could be seriously injured.”

Council is hoping laws can be in place before Schoolies Week.

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E bikes are not getting more powerful the legal motors are restricted to 250 watts. That is the lowest power of manufactured motors. The world is changing and the Council needs to provide for alternate transport. Even on shared footpaths designated by the Council, pedestrians especially those with kids and dogs, wandering unconsciously and thoughtlessly, 3 and 4 abreast along the paths. This blocks any other users.
People complain about the Light Rail, CST and used to complain about horseless carriages and still do.
Better Bike Lanes TOM. you can’t take the cheap way out and ban it. How many people get killed by cars on the Gold Coast every year. How about you ban cars?///

They are called foot paths for a reason. I walk/run to surfers every couple of days. Its the tourists causing the trouble. They do not know how to ride them safely and go way too fast. Locals use them on the roads safely enough it seems.
I say keep them off the FOOTpaths if the users and renters/leasers do not curb the bad behavior. Simple.
If pedestrians did the same thing the answer would be the same……

Stop the electric scooters on the beach front my 1 year old nearly got clipped if so it would of injured him severely , too many kids running around and enjoying themselves , the kids on scooters arent experienced enough it needs to stop

We walk every evening along the esplanade and we have had and seen several near misses. Heads up, we have already consulted with our attorney and in the event that any of our family members get struck with these electric vehicles , we will immediately be suing and setting up a class action lawsuit against the GC city council, the rider and the company hiring out these electric vehicles for negligence and for much much more ….!

i agree Dr Philips the writing is on the wall , why does there have to be an accident,which could be fatal , for changes to then happen , it should be relaxing and therapeutic to be able to walk the esplanade front instead its so tens trying to dodge and read what these children on these electric bikes are doing.