Mayor Tate hints at possible sites for Gold Coast’s boutique stadium

A boutique stadium on the Gold Coast is looking more and more likely, after a media ‘stir-up’ from Mayor Tom Tate this morning.

At the announcement of a new music advisory group for the Gold Coast earlier this month, the Mayor revealed he’d be keen on a 10,000 seat stadium for the Gold Coast, provided the State Government was willing to go halves in the project.

Today, Mayor Tom Tate confirmed he’s been speaking with the Minister and the state government about their options, given the revenue collected from the success of the Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre.


“We have a reserve fund for further community infrastructure – case and point, we would like to have a boutique stadium, so the funding will be towards that,” Mayor Tate told reporters this morning.

“That means a smaller stadium so that we could have multidisciplinary type – we could have soccer there, at the same time we could have the Titans go there if it’s around 10-12,000 people for some of the smaller games.

“At the same time I want to be able to break it down so you can have concerts there,” Mayor Tate said.

Though Council is yet to confirm serious discussions are underway with the state government, Mayor Tate says he’s got three potential sites in mind.

“The land – I’ve got three different options, and I’ve been speaking to the minister and the state government and of course its always best when we work hand in glove when it comes to more money for the state,” the Mayor said.

Though he stopped short of disclosing exactly where he had in mind, saying it depends how much money the state is willing to contribute to the 50/50 project.

“The transport infrastructure’s got to be there already, so that’s where I’m going. It’ll be state or council land.

“Until I get the budget, it won’t fit the locations. It will be near a wonderful transport structure with plenty of parking,” he said.

While the Mayor has said he’s spoken to the state about the idea already, it’s unclear if official discussions are underway or not.

Previously, Tourism Minister Kate Jones has backed the idea of a boutique stadium as well, albeit more concert based, rather than sporting events.

Though it’s understood it would have been part of an integrated resort,” Minister Jones told Newscorp earlier this month.

“Tourism cities around the world that have integrated resorts have these kinds of facilities.

“While Metricon Stadium is a great venue for up to 25,000 people, what we’re hearing more and more is that there is a market for a boutique, multipurpose venue seating up to 10,000.

“That’s why we’re going through a process to see if we can partner with a major developer to deliver an integrated resort on the Gold Coast.

“A mid-range venue that ticks these boxes would logically be developed in partnership for an integrated resort,” she said.