Mayor Tate launches Councillor workshop on parking across Gold Coast

Are you fed up with the parking restrictions in your suburb?

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has announced a Councillor workshop on parking across the city and is encouraging locals to have their say.

Mayor Tate said there’s been an increase in complaints about parking which has prompted him to launch the discussion.


“Let’s be clear. People have concerns about parking matters in their areas. Through the councillors, I want to hear first-hand what they are,” he said.

“We may end up leaving the various parking zones and times in place, or we may make some changes.

“Today’s announcement is about getting every Councillor in the room to hear their views.”

Residents and businesses with an interest in parking matters across the city are being urged to get in touch with their divisional councillor over the next five days and make their concerns known.

The workshop will be on Monday 18 June with agreed outcomes to be brought back to Council via the relevant committee.