Mayor Tate protects ‘physical hearts’ this Valentine’s Day

Mayor Tom Tate is using Valentine’s Day to protect Gold Coaster’s physical hearts as well as their romantic hearts, with the installation of defibrillators across the city.

13 new Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) have now been rolled out at various city libraries and community centres.

“With 10,000 people visiting these facilities each day, it makes sense to install the defibrillators in these locations,” Mayor Tate said.


The AEDs come with verbal instructions so that as soon they’re opened for use, the person using the device is talked through the steps.

Justin Payne from the Queensland Ambulance Services says that having the devices nearby will go a long way to improving people’s chance of survival, should they get in trouble.

“Every minute we’re waiting for a defibrillator, it’s a 10 percent reduction in the survivability of the patient.

“Early effective defibrillation is vital,” Mr Payne said.

The 13 new defibrillators are in addition to the 115 portable defibrillators donated to community and sporting groups last year.

Mayor Tom Tate has urged the Gold Coast Community to get trained in CPR and how to use the AEDs, and that local businesses should make sure their employees are trained in emergency responses.

“You never know who you’re going to potentially save the life of.

“Even if you don’t save the life, you know you did everything you could,” Mr Tate said.

For more information about the location of the defibrillators, click here.