Mayor Tate reveals exciting details about coast’s new theme park ride

Mayor Tom Tate is currently in Taiwan on a Sister City visit and has revealed some exciting details about an epic new ride set to open at Dreamworld this year.

The Mayor met with Brogent Technologies, a major Taiwanese technology company behind the software for the new Coomera theme park ride, in Kaohsiung today.

“Brogent has designed the software for a new I-Ride to open at Dreamworld in 2018,” Mayor Tate said.


“It is a 60-seat simulated flight experience, suspending riders over a screen while they fly across the Aussie landscape.”

The new I-Ride is understood to be the the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere and will be housed in Dreamworld’s former IMAX Theatre.

According to the theme park, the ride will be similar to existing attractions such as FlyOver Canada in Vancouver and Voletarium in Europa Park, Germany.

Mayor Tate says the innovative Taiwanese technology company is also “utilising the skills of Cutting Edge”, which is a successful post production business based at Village Roadshows on the Gold Coast.

“This relationship between our city and Taiwan is growing in strength. Today, we are seeing key companies like Brogent working with major Gold Coast companies,’’ said Mayor Tate.

“Cutting Edge is providing full production, sound and picture post production for Brogent.

“This means employment opportunities are in both the coast, and Taiwan.”

The Gold Coast and the City of Taiwan have enjoyed a 36-year sister city friendship.

“My focus is on creating more jobs for Gold Coasters and this partnership is doing just that,” Mayor Tate said.