Mayor Tate wants Eurovision ‘promotion fest’ back next year

Mayor Tom Tate wants to see Eurovision-Australia Decides back on the Gold Coast, after an absolute ‘promotion fest’ on Saturday night.

Talks are reportedly already underway to host the SBS program again next year, after the Gold Coast was displayed to the rest of the country, and to Europe.

Thousands of locals and Eurovision-crazed visitors turned out at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre over the weekend, to watch 10 Australian acts battle it out to represent our country on the World Stage in May.


Mayor Tom Tate says that the performances were all spectacular, but the exposure that the Gold Coast had to millions of viewers was priceless.

“It was a promotion fest for the Gold Coast, from the start to the finish.

“Especially when they interviewed artists before they went on, the back drop of different locations all around the Gold Coast was all tucked in there.

“I thank SBS for doing that, because, sending the message out to all of Australia, and Europe, about the tourism offering on the Gold Coast.

“I think it’s one of the best promotions and investments this city has done in recent years, it’s wonderful.

“If the opportunity exists, I wouldn’t mind doing it again,” Mayor Tate said.

It was the first time the event selection process included the public, and was televised to the entire nation and beyond.

Kate Miller-Heidke was chosen to go to Tel Aviv, after winning over both the judges and the public with her operatic pop song ‘Zero Gravity’, about overcoming depression.

She was closely followed by Electric Fields with their song ‘2000 and whatever’, and pop band Shepperd with their hit ‘Way to Go’.

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