Mayor pleads for unvaccinated GC health care workers to ‘show leadership’

The Gold Coast Mayor admits he’s astounded to hear that hundreds of health care workers have had to be stood down after refusing to get the jab.

Queensland’s mandate for hospital staff to be protected is now in effect, but around 4,000 staff throughout the state remain unprotected.

For the Gold Coast, it means around 5 per cent of the industry, or 488 workers, have been stood down.


It’s understood the staff are on leave with full pay for a week and risk losing their jobs if they can’t get an exemption after that.

“It’s everyone’s right to decide whether they vaccinated or not,” Mayor Tom Tate said on Wednesday.

“I’m just astounded that some of the people – especially on the medical front line – are not willing to vaccinate.

“I just plead with them to go show leadership so that we can get to 80 per cent and then onto 90 per cent vaccination.

“The statistics show that our state will be more protected,” Mr Tate said.