Mayor Tom Tate fined and ordered to undergo counselling over misconduct ruling

Mayor Tom Tate has been fined and will have to undergo counselling after being found guilty of misconduct over a social media post about a fellow Gold Coast Councillor.

Hinterland Councillor Glenn Tozer made a complaint earlier this year after Cr Tate took to his Facebook page, accusing him of not being transparent about a Masters degree he had been doing, alleging ratepayers were being forced to pay most of it.

The post read “as the pub testers would say ‘Stop the rorts!’” and “it’s another nose in the trough by a politician”.


Cr Tozer claims he had sought advice from CEO Dale Dickson about the course, took appropriate subjects in financial literacy that would benefit his role as Councillor and all budget allocations were made public.

Today, the Local Government Remuneration and Discipline Tribunal ruled the Mayor made untrue and unreasonable comments in his post and ordered the Mayor to attend counselling, focusing on his use of social media.

He was also required to pay a fine of $1250 to Council.

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No surprise, what about he answer to building ? development approvals down around the Coast ???

From what I hear, certain folk have never had any problem getting building approvals passed in double-quick time, but others encounter obstacle after obstacle. I’ll leave it to people’s imagination to make the connections.

I’m surprised and encouraged to hear that Tozer has finally stood up to the bully. Personally I have no doubt whatever that there are countless comparable matters involving Tate’s overbearing attitude that have not come to light. Both Tate and Dixon need to be put on the mat an subjected to intense scrutiny.

Tozer the only councilor who voted for a mosque when all his constituents did not want it built