Mayor Tom Tate proposes Barnaby Joyce vs Johnny Depp boxing fight

Mayor Tom Tate has come up with an interesting solution to end all the tension between Barnaby Joyce and Johnny Deep.

Speaking to 1029 Hot Tomato’s Mal & Luke on Wednesday, the Gold Coast Mayor said the pair should “put the gloves on, get in the ring and sort it out”.

The Drive hosts were intrigued with the Mayor’s proposal. “So you’re saying put Barnaby Joyce and Johnny Depp in the ring with a couple of gloves and just let them sort it out. Then they can put it to bed and be mates?” Luke asked.


“I reckon,” said Mr Tate. “I’m happy to fly [Depp] out personally for it.”

The trio then made predictions as to who they thought would win the fight. “If Barnaby gets a lucky shot in the first round he’ll get away with it, but if it goes to the 15th round I think Johnny will get it,” Mr Tate said.

Luke didn’t agree, saying he thinks Barnaby has what it takes to win. “My theory is that while Johnny Depp was prancing around going from acting classes to acting classes, Barnaby Joyce was out wrangling pigs and wrestling crocodiles – He is a good country Queensland boy. I think [Barnaby] would smack [Depp] into oblivion – I think he would embarrass Johnny Depp.”

Mr Tate wasn’t convinced though, adding: “Johnny Depp is a pretty boy, but he’d move fast.”

Listen to the full chat below to get all the details on the proposed boxing fight: