Cancelling the Commonwealth Games would have been a “travesty”

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has admitted he was aware the State Government had sought legal advice about cancelling or moving the GC2018 Commonwealth Games.

MyGC published the documents here.

Mayor Tate told MyGC he was surprised when the then Campbell Newman Government considered cancelling the Games.


“The damage to the reputation of the city of the Gold Coast and the State Government would have been tremendous,” he said.

“It would have been a travesty of a decision to cancel the Commonwealth Games.”

“They won the bid, it was like a promise to deliver the Games.”

The Mayor wouldn’t say where he found out about the legal advice, aside from stating “I have my own network, I don’t reveal my sources.”

In May 2018, Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey denied ever knowing about the government seeking legal advice.

The Mayor said he believed this to be true, and would “take her word for it.”

Ms Stuckey did not respond to MyGC’s request for an interview.

The Gold Coast City Council had heavily invested in the Games, with the Mayor saying they committed hundreds of millions of dollars.

“We had to dig deep, there’s not one Council in Australia that would have dug deep and be able to commit $250 million dollars.”

“It proves the point we had a skin in the game, we weren’t going to take a backward step about delivering the games.”

The Gold Coast has been under the spotlight since the Games, with major news outlets in the UK and the US publishing reports profiling the Coast and there’s expected to be a boost in tourism.

Mayor Tate says the city will continue to see the benefits of the Games in years to come.

“The investment in South-East Queensland has paid dividends,” he said.

“Job creation for the next generation has been great and we’re still getting the benefits of the legacy has been tremendous.”