Mayor urges tourists to “take a punt” and book Gold Coast holiday

Mayor Tom Tate has played down fears of a lockdown on the Gold Coast and is encouraging tourists to “take a punt” and book a holiday to the glitter strip.

The city remains on edge after the State’s top doctor revealed this morning that there are two COVID-19 cases linked to an infected Byron Bay hen’s party that are being treated on the Gold Coast.

The two cases are believed to have visited a number of locations across the city while unknowingly infectious, with several venues from Southport to Tugun listed as potential exposure sites.


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Queensland recorded two new virus cases today, another nurse from the Princess Alexandra Hospital and her housemate, who are linked to the original Brisbane nurse cluster.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said today’s figures are “encouraging”, with an extension to Brisbane’s COVID-19 lockdown and possible inclusion of the Gold Coast now looking less likely.

“Fingers crossed all will be looking good for Easter, if we don’t see any unlinked community transmission, the signs for easter are looking positive,” the Premier said.

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate reiterated the Premier’s comments and encouraged people in Sydney and Melbourne to push ahead with their Gold Coast Easter holiday plans.

“Wonderful news today by the Premier that the Gold Coast is business as usual and that the two clusters are identified,” he said.

“I say to all the people in Sydney and Melbourne that if I’m there wanting to come to the Gold Coast, I would get online and book.

“The weather is great, there’s no lockdown here, so come and enjoy the life on the Gold Coast,” Mayor Tate said.

The Premier is expected to provide an update on the lockdown situation at 9am on Thursday.

But Mayor Tate says people should just “take a punt”, with Rex Airlines currently offering one-way flights to the Gold Coast from Melbourne for $79 and $69 from Sydney.

“I would do it if they don’t want to miss out,” he said.

“Life is about taking a risk and having a go and that’s what the Gold Coast is built on.”

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Is this a joke? Just take a risk? Risk your life for a holiday?? What planet is this moron living on?

Yes and lose all your money you pay to the overpriced hotels, but a couple of grand is nothing to the mayor, unlike us mere mortals

Can we have a new mayor please?

Come to the GC and you might just see our punt of a mayor. Feel free to substitute the P with a C.

It is ok for him to say take a chance…he can afford to lose it, like people will want to take a risk paying for a hotel, then things go pear shaped and we have to go into lockdown, that hotel keeps their money, pfft he is clueless

Just had 5 of my interstate family members decide not to come to the GC this week.
Were due in on Friday and planned visiting sunshine coast and beyond.
Too many issues with quarantine etc. if the boof heads decide to escalate the situation.
I guess many more visitors will do the same.