Mayor urges voters to send parties a message for ignoring Gold Coast

Mayor Tom Tate has sensationally declared he is considering voting for Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party in the Senate at this month’s federal election, accusing the two major parties of ignoring the Gold Coast.

The longtime LNP member has expressed his anger at the lack of attention the city has received during the federal election campaign.

Mayor Tate says neither party nor the independents have backed several key projects he says are vital for the city.


They include light rail to Coolangatta, the next stage of HOTA and the city’s Green Heart project.

“Incredibly, we have not heard a word from any side of politics, or the independents, as to how they will assist us in completing the vital final stage of light rail to the airport and Coolangatta,” The Mayor said.

“All we are asking for is an in-principle agreement, the same as the other stages, towards what is a vital piece of public transport infrastructure.”

The Gold Coast is considered an LNP stronghold with all five seats that cover the city held by the Coalition on strong margins.

All are expected to remain in LNP hands which has prompted the Mayor to urge voters to send a message to the major parties when considering who to vote for in the Senate.

“I may give Clive’s United Australia Party a tick for the Senate,’’ the Mayor said

“If you look at the corner of southeast Queensland, one in seven voters live in southeast Queensland so that’s what I’m going to do. If other people on the Gold Coast think ‘well maybe we’ll take that on board and get out there and do the same thing.

“Ignore southeast Queensland at your peril.”