Mayor’s dog involved in attack on Gold Coast street

Council rangers have been called in to investigate an attack involving the Mayor’s own dog.

Jaidee, an American bulldog, escaped from Tom Tate’s yard at Sorrento after a door was accidentally left open.

Not long after the dog approached a woman walking a small dog a couple of streets away before Jaidee got into a fight with the small dog.


The woman suffered a minor flesh wound but she did not require assistance from paramedics.

According to Mayor Tate, a passerby helped to separate the dogs before he and wife Ruth arrived on the scene.

Jaidee was taken home by Ruth while Mayor Tate helped the lady and checked over her dog before walking them home.

Tom Tate with dogs Boss and Jaidee (right). Image | Supplied AWLQ

In a statement Mayor Tate says council animal management officers have been made aware of the incident and are treating it like any other dog attack.

“City officers have visited the other dog owner involved to get her statement. They have also visited my home and ensured my house and Jaidee are safely secured, along with my statement.

“Jaidee has no previous animal management history with the City since Ruth and I rescued him from the pound.”

“This is an unfortunate incident and Ruth and myself are deeply upset ourselves being dog lovers.”