Mayor’s dog involved in attack on Gold Coast street

Council rangers have been called in to investigate an attack involving the Mayor’s own dog.

Jaidee, an American bulldog, escaped from Tom Tate’s yard at Sorrento after a door was accidentally left open.

Not long after the dog approached a woman walking a small dog a couple of streets away before Jaidee got into a fight with the small dog.


The woman suffered a minor flesh wound but she did not require assistance from paramedics.

According to Mayor Tate, a passerby helped to separate the dogs before he and wife Ruth arrived on the scene.

Jaidee was taken home by Ruth while Mayor Tate helped the lady and checked over her dog before walking them home.

Tom Tate with dogs Boss and Jaidee (right). Image | Supplied AWLQ

In a statement Mayor Tate says council animal management officers have been made aware of the incident and are treating it like any other dog attack.

“City officers have visited the other dog owner involved to get her statement. They have also visited my home and ensured my house and Jaidee are safely secured, along with my statement.

“Jaidee has no previous animal management history with the City since Ruth and I rescued him from the pound.”

“This is an unfortunate incident and Ruth and myself are deeply upset ourselves being dog lovers.”

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How is BJ?No one is saying.He is a tiny little friendly snauzer that plays with my dog on a regular basis.His owner is a sweet lady who has had major surgery last year.BJ is always on a lead.This must be so traumatic for her.

I doubt his dog was trying to attack the small dog, probably wanting to play and was spooked by the owners reaction. I also have an American bulldog whom is the most beautiful nature although often her playfulness can be miss judged and in turn owners frightened. If the lady tried to pick her dog up I can see how this may have happened. I know it’s not her fault but small dog owners also need to be aware of how to act if a large dog approaches there dog.

Hi Tiff, you are off your rocker..You wasn’t there at the time it happened..

I live near where the attack happened in Freyburg Street. That little dog was screaming for at least a minute while it was being attacked by the bigger dog. I could hear it from inside my double brick house. This wasn’t playful yaps, or barking.

This story is one-sided as it only based on what the Mayor said, and he wasn’t even there when the attack happened, arriving only after the fact.

If the guy in the ute who was driving by hadn’t have come by, the little dog would be dead, and it’s owner would have been next.

That’s all very well to say oh, dont pick up your little dog, but when a large/ huge dog is coming ,being playful or not, I’m dammed if I’m going to leave my 4.5 kg on the ground for it to snap in fear, & in turn get mauled or killed in one bite!!!

”Yeah”‘ the dogs look happy in the photo,which is just a heap of bulldust…A happy dog does not attack another dog. The poor dogs are completely stressed out locked up in the back yard while Tom’s out doing 5 star venues. All dogs are good dogs it’s just the owners that are IRRESPONSIBLE….

That’s the trouble with the Gold Coast Animal Management Service..When a dog attacks another dog it is not put through a attitude test. A fine + warning is given to the owner and in most cases the same dog re-offends. How many other dogs will it bite. How many owners will have to bare the emotional pain. When will these people WAKE-UP and do something about it other than just handing out Fines + Warnings…

Mr Tate dog fits the critetia of the 22 point check list that was made up by SEQROC to identify a so called pit bull. In 2003 when Breed Specific Legislation was introduced by GCCC so many innocent pets were wrongfully ldentified by Animal Control officers.If you did not comply with Chapter 17A of the law you had 14 days to get your dog out of the state and extra 7 days for Natural Justice . So many innocent pets did no wrong were wrongfully identified and systematically slaughtered by your council. The 22 point checklist was discredited in several court cases but councils still use this criteria. Your dogs fits this criteria Mr. Tate, you should of being dealt the same punishment as all the familes that lost there innocent pets for the way they looked based on hearsay. But you get a slap on the wrist and a fine because Jaidee attacked. Goes to show we have a legal system not a “Justice system” I f Jaidee was anyone else dog they would of being seized and put to sleep. Shameful.