McDonald’s banned in MasterChef’s George Calombaris household

MASTERCHEF judge George Calombaris has revealed his children are not allowed to eat fast food, and will even pack a healthy lunch for them when they go to birthday parties at McDonald’s.

The Greek Australian Chef told News Corp said his father’s battle to overcome bowel cancer twice, coupled with his own career commitment to serving quality food, meant he was driven to pass the healthy meal mantra on to his son, James and daughter Michaela.

‘My son knows … we’ll drive past a certain fast food chain and he’ll go, “that’s bad in there, isn’t it, Dad?” and I explain it’s not about bad, it’s about having choices in life.’


The 36-year-old also packs healthy lunch boxes for his kids to take to school, whipping up a freshly made sandwich for each as well as including a yoghurt and raspberries and a snack of cornichons.