This was meant to be Gold Coast’s year!

As a Gold Coast footy fan it is immensely disheartening that the best, most positive message I can conjure to describe the 2017 season in the dying days of June is ‘ah well, there’s always next year’.

Whether you are a Suns fan or a Titans fan (I am both for the record), 2017 has already delivered its fair share of disappointments.

A glaring lack of collective effort at times throughout the season would be my first pick, followed closely by heartbreakingly close losses where effort was brought.


Skill errors, decision making blunders come next, followed by unwanted off-field issues and more than a few dubious coaching decisions and tactics.

Sure injuries have been a factor this season as well (though a comparatively minor one from the past few seasons) but they in no way are an excuse for where both the Suns and Titans sit right now on their respective ladders.

The Titans sit in third last (14th) on 5 wins whilst the Suns sit 5th last (also in 14th and also on 5 wins).

In Hayne and Ablett both the Titans and Suns have a marquee superstar player that has proven capable of winning games off his own boot.

Both teams have great young spines – the Titans have the most exciting young halves pairing in the competition in Taylor and Elgey whilst the Suns have the best young key position duo in the comp in May and Lynch.

In Proctor, James, McQueen, Harbrow, Rosa and Hanley both sides have good experience and neither club lacks young talent.

Both the Titans and Suns also boast competitive Top 8 lists and pundits from both codes are scratching their heads more and more with each passing week at why these two teams are failing so badly in 2017.

So again, what has gone, or is going, wrong on the Gold Coast that fans must – in June! – turn to 2018 and hope for greener pastures?

Please someone tell me because for the life of me I am out of ideas.

And as for 2018, if this season continues on its current trajectory young stars like Ash Taylor and Steven May might just look twice (and then a third time with a pen!) at a lucrative offer to lure them away from clubs that just can’t seem to get it right on the field, even when it seems they have got it right off field.