Measles outbreak continues at University of Queensland in Brisbane

ALEX HEINKE reports.

Five cases of measles have been confirmed at the University of Queensland with local health authorities increasing it’s response to the spread of the virus, with more than 30,000 people attending the university.

The first case was reported five weeks ago when a student at UQ returned from overseas and became sick.


The worsening outbreak has prompted Queensland Health to set up a vaccination clinic at the St Lucia campus on Brisbane’s west side.

Queensland Health spokeswoman Dr Heidi Carroll told the ABC students who lived in UQ colleges who were unsure whether they had been vaccinated had been encouraged to attend the clinic.

Dr Carroll said people who were uncertain of their immunity to measles should speak to their GP immediately.


Students were being encouraged to stay home if they were sick and to ensure they were fully vaccinated.

Authorities expect there will be more cases.