Meet Queensland’s cute new four-legged crime fighters

They might be cute now, but these adorable puppies are set to be turned into lean, mean, crime-fighting machines.

Queensland Police has just unveiled the latest litter of Police dogs that will hopefully end up helping to keep our streets safe.

The S Litter has just turned eight weeks old and they’ve now been given cute names to go with their cute faces.


The litter is made up of five males – Stryker, Shredder, Sniper, Solo and Skid and three females – Stellar, Sasha and Star.

They’ve just been given their vaccinations and will shortly be sent to foster carers.

  Stryker. Photo: QPS

Shredder. Photo: QPS

 Sniper. Photo: QPS

Stellar. Photo: QPS

There they will learn vital social skills over the next 12 to 18 months.

But it won’t be long before they’re put through their paces.

The puppies will be back at 12 weeks of age and start their training to be potential Police dogs.

But for now the adorable puppies enjoying just being puppies.