Mega fly faces stiff competition

Scientists are studying a giant fly that measures the length of an adult human finger.

Gauromydas heros, the world’s biggest fly, can reach body lengths of 7 centimetres. But two newfound species could possibly rival its size, a new study says.

The planet’s largest fly faces some competition, discovered collecting dust in old museum cabinets.


With wingspans as wide as a hand and finger-length bodies, the newly described insects are almost as eye-popping as their world-record relative, Gauromydas heros.

National Geographic said scientists identified G. mateus and G. papaveroi from 14 forgotten specimens found in collections in Brazil, France, and Costa Rica that date back to the 1930s.

These specimens are the only known trace of the two new species, according to study leader Julia Calhau, of the University of São Paulo’s Museum of Zoology in Brazil.