Megan Gale has announced she is engaged

Australian Supermodel Megan Gale has announced she is engaged to Shaun Hampson, breaking the news on Instagram overnight.

The brunette beauty and AFL player have been together for 6 years, and are expecting their second child.

Gale broke the engagement news by sharing a photo of her stunning diamond ring on social media, but cheekily kept the focus on her chipped nail in the description.


“For goodness sake, can’t a girl go for leisurely beach stroll without chipping a nail?!” she wrote. “Well.. at least I had some nice rocks to look at. I know you’re not supposed to remove shells and rocks from the beach and take them home with you, but I did find one rock that was pretty special and I just had to keep it.”

In a subsequent post, Gale revealed that the couple’s first child River, 3, was part of the “sweetest proposal [she] could’ve ever hoped for”.

On behalf of Shaun and myself thanks to everyone for all of your lovely messages. Needless to say we’re thrilled ? This photo was taken moments after the sweetest proposal I could’ve ever hoped for. Both of my boys completely surprised me and made my heart melt (I may have cried a little bit!). The big fella even managed to effortlessly get down on one knee – not easy for a ruckman that’s had five knee operations! He must REALLY love me! ? But seriously, to my man, the amount of time, effort and energy you put into designing a ring for me was just beautiful. Honestly, just the proposal itself was the biggest and most important gesture you could’ve ever made and to involve our son was the most special part of all. And our little bump was there too which just made it all perfect ☺️ I am one lucky, lucky lady ❤️? Oh and PS for those of you concerned about the nail, it has since been buffed, filed & polished – PHEW ??

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