Melbourne comedian’s killer jailed for life

The man who raped and murdered Melbourne comedian, Eurydice Dixon, has been sentenced to life in jail.

Jaymes Todd received a minimum non-parole of 35 years, after carrying out an ‘evil’ attack at a park in Melbourne in June last year.

The court heard that Todd stalked 22-year-old Ms Dixon for at least an hour before attacking her in Princes Park.


It’s understood she was returning home from a comedy gig at the time.

After the murder, the 19-year-old attacker then bought a pie and a coffee and returned to the crime scene, before googling rape and pornography.

He also looked up information about his victim.

Todd was diagnosed with sexual sadism disorder while in custody, and that he had fantasised about violent rape that resulted in murder.

Justice Stephen Kaye said Ms Dixon was vulnerable and defenceless when she was raped and killed.

“Your actions in doing so were pure and unmitigated evil.” Justice Kaye said during sentencing this morning.

“You knew what you were doing was wrong, well understanding the effects of choking a female victim.”