Melbourne model faces 21 years in prison

Audio of an Australian model hurling abuse at flight attendants has come to light this week, after A Current Affair obtained and broadcast the recordings.

There’s no denying that the audio is fairly shocking.

But more shocking to me is her potential penalty: the model, 25-year-old Adau Mornyang, faces up to 21 years in prison over the outburst.


Criminals literally get less than this for murder!

Complicating matters further is the fact that Adau denied that she was drunk when the incident happened earlier this year, and claims she doesn’t remember anything that happened, blaming her memory lapse on the prozac and oxycodone she took before boarding.

“All I remember was waking up after sleeping for eight hours,” she says.

“I was so confused and begging and pleading for them to tell me what I did. I was ignored, I was in and out of consciousness, and was later locked up in federal prison still with no memory of what I was arrested for.”

According to A Current Affair, she was abusive towards staff and slapped a flight attendant in the face.

She also locked herself in the bathroom for 45 minutes and told staff, “You need to shut the (bleep) up and tolerate whatever the (bleep bleep) you are getting ya (bleep)… Don’t you ever dare come up to me and tell me, ‘oh you are disturbing everybody else.’”

I think we can all agree this is fairly disturbing behaviour – but it’s also clearly the behaviour of someone who was in an altered state.

I doubt she is going to be a “danger to society” going forward.

In March, a Los Angeles jury found Adau guilty of a felony charge of interference with a flight crew member and a misdemeanour count of assault.

She will have her sentencing hearing next week, where she could be sent to federal prison in the United States for up to 21 years.

Twenty-one years, for one night of foolish behaviour, in which no one was seriously injured.

What is wrong with the world?