Memorials to mark 20th anniversary of the devastating Thredbo landslide

SUNDAY night will mark the 20th anniversary of the devastating landslide that killed 18 people in the NSW Snowy Mountains village of Thredbo.

Without warning, the landslide struck in the dead of night, around 11.35pm, on Wednesday, July 30, 1997.

The deluge, consisting of thousands of tonnes of earth and debris, surged down a slope and smashed into the Carinya Ski Club and Bimbadeen staff lodge, trapping and killing all but one person, ski instructor Stuart Diver.


The disaster, triggered by a leaking water main, struck as most holiday-makers were snuggled up in bed.

Friends and family of those killed in the disaster will gather at the Thredbo Chapel tomorrow to pause, reflect and remember once more.

Separate, private memorials will also be held at the dedicated memorial site around midnight on Sunday and the ski resort’s regular Saturday night flare run will be dedicated to the victims.

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