Men busted trying to dodge Qld border restrictions in sailboat

A group of men have copped hefty fines after they were allegedly caught trying to sneak across the Queensland border from NSW in a sailboat.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk confirmed the group were busted near the Gold Coast Seaway on Friday afternoon.

“My information is they were discovered on a yacht off the Gold Coast yesterday,” the Premier said.


Officers from Maritime Safety Queensland intercepted the vessel, which was allegedly on its way to Cairns.

Under the Queensland Government’s tough new border restrictions, the whole of NSW is a declared coronavirus hotspot, except for the Tweed Shire.

Ms Palaszczuk said all of the men on board the sailboat have since been fined $4000 for making a false declaration.

“They are now also enjoying hotel quarantine at their own expense,” she said.

The Premier warned that people who try and dodge the rules will be caught.

“Police are watching all of our borders, it’s not just the airports, the train stations, the road, they are also monitoring the waters as well.

“We can’t have people flouting the rules, so quick action by police and now the men will have to be paying for their own quarantine.”