Men injured in bloody Broadbeach brawl

TWO YOUNG MEN have been hospitalised following a violent and bloody brawl in Broadbeach this afternoon.

Initial information states a fight erupted between a group of men on Bermuda Street at around 4pm following what is believed to have been a road rage incident involving up to three cars.

As a result, one man is believed to have received a laceration to his hand and a head injury, while another man found on Hooker Boulevard fleeing the scene is reportedly nursing minor head injuries.


Both were conscious and breathing at the time they were transported to the Gold Coast University Hospital.

A witness to the event has recalled how she came across the scene and administered first aid to one of the injured men.

“There was a bit of panic going on, everyone was running in different directions. It was absolute madness,” she said told 102.9fm Hot Tomato.

“There was so much blood, it was ridiculous.

“There was one guy with his hand basically hanging off, so I stopped to give him some first aid.

“I always carry a first aid kit and bandages, it was just a matter of calming him down and getting him to breath and stop panicking and going into shock.

“He also had a big gash on his head as well.”

One man was believed to have been armed with a machete.

A sledge hammer was also found at the scene.

Police have confirmed no formal complaint has been made to police.

More to come.