Mercedes Corby apologises for Sunday Night interview

Sunday Night interview

Mercedes Corby during the Sunday Night interview and story on Schapelle’s release which aired last weekend. Source: Channel Seven

MERCEDES Corby has reportedly issued an apology to Indonesia for any disrespect or unease that may have been caused by her recent interview on Channel Seven’s Sunday Night program.

News Limited reports Mercedes, sister of Schapelle Corby, issued a statement to the News Corporation on Wednesday.


“From the bottom of my heart I am very sorry to the people of Indonesia if my interview on Australian TV caused unease. I apologise if my words were disrespectful to Indonesia. I did not intend any disrespect,” Ms Corby said in the statement.

Sunday Night

Footage of Schapelle Corby with her sister Mercedes celebrating her first hours of freedom on the Sunday Night program. Source: Channel Seven.

“Our family are happy and grateful that Schapelle is free on parole. We thank the Indonesian Government,” she said.

Indonesian authorities were reviewing Schapelle’s parole in the wake of the Seven Network broadcast.

Schapelle’s brother-in-law, Wayan Widyartha spoke to reporters outside his Kuta compound, confirming Schapelle is struggling mentally and is stressed by the media and being followed by cameras.

He said she sometimes even locks herself in the toilet for an entire day. says the boss of the Parole board, Sunar Agus, said his officers were doing their best to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the Sunday Night program and whether it has caused unease and restlessness in the community.