Mercedes Corby lashes out at Queensland Premier

SCHAPELLE Corby’s sister, Mercedes Corby, has just spoken to media about speculation over the controversial paid tell-all interview she has reportedly signed with the Seven Network.

At the same time, Mercedes slammed Queensland Premier Campbell Newman, revealing his government spent $567k of taxpayer’s money on the Nine Network’s tele-movie ‘Schapelle’.

“Recent media reports about payments to Schapelle for an interview are completely wrong,” she said.


“The sums being reported are ridiculous.

“When Schapelle is ready to speak, the parole officers will be informed.

“Despite his comments, Queensland Premier Newman was so interested in this story that his government gave $567,000 for the production of a film for the Nine Network called “Schapelle”.

“This film was biased and inaccurate.

“It was based on a book where the major source was a convicted criminal,” she concluded.

It is reported Mercedes’ statement was pre-recorded by the Seven Network’s Sunday Night crew, then issued to an Indonesian crew, who distributed it to other media.