Merry Christmas? Supermarkets are ALREADY selling Hot Cross Buns

I’m still full from yesterday’s Christmas lunch, but apparently it’s time to start thinking about the next holiday: Easter.

Yes you read that right… EASTER!

The Christmas tree may still be up and our fridges stocked with leftover ham, but don’t be surprised if you spot Hot Cross Buns on the shelves at your local supermarket.


Coles has confirmed it will be stocking the popular Easter treat at stores across the country from today, with Woolworths promising they’ll be on shelves before the New Year.

While many shoppers think it’s ridiculous, there seems to be plenty of others happy to tuck into a Hot Cross Bun in December.

The supermarket giants have also defended their decision to sell the buns four months before Easter, claiming many customers now expect to be able to munch down on a hot cross bun as soon as they polish off their Christmas leftovers.

“While we understand there may be different views on selling the Easter treat early, our bakers are constantly being asked by customers when they can get their hands on our delicious hot cross buns, Coles Head of Bakery Operations Shaun Percy told News Corp.

“Many of our customers are also telling us they want to be able to purchase hot cross buns all year round.”

Dozens of people have already taken to social media to express their views on the topic.

“I’m a grinch when Christmas promotions start too early, but have no problem whatsoever with hot cross buns,” one person wrote.

“Can’t wait for hot cross buns to be on sale tomorrow, December 26th, four months before Easter,” commented another.

While someone else wrote, “I trust everyone will be up bright and early tomorrow and rush down to the supermarket to get some hot cross buns?”

So what do you think? Too soon, or not soon enough?!