Merry Hiss-mas! Woman discovers venomous tiger snake in her Xmas tree

Fangs for the surprise! A woman has received the shock of her life after finding a large, venomous tiger snake wrapped around her Christmas tree.

The frightening encounter happened on Sunday, when Melbourne woman Cheryl noticed a rather slithery looking decoration had been added to her tree.

“Cheryl from Frankston got an early Christmas surprise this morning when she found a new decoration had been added to her tree, Barry from Snake Catchers Victoria wrote on Facebook accompanied by a photo of the reptile entangled in the decorations.


“She didn’t panic, she just took a photo and sent it to the snake catcher, me, and 20 minutes later I had the little bugger in a bag.”

The image has since gone viral with more than 1000 shares and hundreds of comments.

“Wow a true Aussie Xmas tree!” one person wrote.

“What a surprise, not one I would like!” commented another.

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