Messages of thanks flooding in for Queensland fire fighters

Thousands of messages of love and thanks are coming in for our state’s fire fighters, who’ve been working around the clock to fight bushfires.

It’s understood close to 70 fires are burning around the state, though luckily no lives have been lost.

In the Gold Coast hinterland, crews are batting gale winds this morning, which are expected to push the fires north. 


While in the Sunshine Coast, several properties have been lost overnight after a blaze broke out in Peregian Springs.

Police have confirmed they’re questioning a group of juveniles over it. 

Meantime, encouraging messages of thanks and love are flooding in for firies over social media.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services posted a photo of two fire fighters having a quick break to their Facebook yesterday and asked members of the community to leave a message below.

In just 17 hours, almost 5,000 messages have been left.

This morning, QFES Incident Controller Corey Bock told Flan, Emily Jade and Christo that the conditions have been extremely tough.

“A lot of people are doing 12 to 16 hours a day on the fly, and those guys are doing that in very hot, very strenuous conditions.

“If you could imagine that you have a lot of ash and fire raining down on top of you, and I know we’ve got protective clothing but it’s incredibly uncomfortable, it’s incredibly hot, and it’s just very dangerous to be there.

“People are working in very thick smoke for up to 6 or 7 hours a day, you can imagine how uncomfortable that is.

“We’ve had to treat people with heat stress and fatigue, over those seven days,” Mr Bock said.