Meteor shower sparks Tsunami concern in Cairns

A reported meteor shower in Cairns has sparked concern among residents who were worried the shower would cause a tsunami.

Cairns Police started receiving calls at 9:30pm last night as locals thought the debris plummeting into the ocean would start a tsunami.

Police assured residents via a post on Facebook, that all was fine and there was no tsunami “currently affecting Australia”.


The post shocked some residents, who were unaware the meteor shower was the reason behind the comments online.

Once, any threat of an incoming tsunami or meteors resided, people began to poke fun at the post.

One man suggested the tsunami fears might have been due to “some podgy short daddy’s boy getting into the nuclear weaponry again” in reference to Kim Jong Un’s recent nuclear test.

Another added, his friend might have rolled over in his sleep, causing the seismic shift to start a tsunami.