Mexican authorities reveal horrific details of Aussie surfers deaths

Mexican authorities have revealed the final horrific moments of the lives of Australians Adam Coleman and Dean Lucas, who were allegedly killed by a group of local criminals.

Mr Coleman and Mr Lucas, 33-year-olds from Perth were on a Mexican surfing adventure, when they were allegedly stopped by a group of highway bandits after midnight on November 21.

The group were dressed in police uniforms and in the early hours staked out an area of the Benito Juarez Highway in Sinaloa state, a region infamous for drug cartels and violence.


The dreadlocked Mr Coleman was shot in the face when he resisted the gang, but remained alive.

They believe Mr Lucas was unharmed.

Mexican prosecutors do not believe the badly injured Mr Coleman and the terrified Mr Lucas were handcuffed or restrained.

When they reached the rural area the robbers allegedly shot the Australians and torched Mr Coleman’s old Chevy van, with their bodies inside.

Mexican authorities say they’ll need at least another week to identify the bodies.

Sinaloa authorities have arrested three of the alleged bandits and continue to pursue others.