Mia rescued after spending three days stuck 25m up a tree


The rescued cat, safe and sound after spending the last three days stuck 25m up a tree. IMAGE: Tarryn Brooke SOURCE: Facebook

A CAT which found herself stuck 25 metres up a tree for three nights on the Gold Coast has been rescued after the plea to have her retrieved hit social media overnight.

Cat - Kelly Jo - Thursday

Photo of Mia stuck in the tree on Thursday. She had managed to climb even higher on Friday night. IMAGE: Kelly Jo SOURCE: Facebook


Jessie Anne took Mia the cat’s story to Facebook around 9pm on Friday and it quickly caught the attention of hundreds of people right across the Gold Coast.

“She’s been crying her little heart out but the RSPCA won’t even come and check on her,” Jessie said. “The fire brigade came out to try and get her but she’s too high and in an awkward spot for the truck.”

David Hehir was one of many locals who had seen Jessie’s post on Crime Watch Now Gold Coast, a community Facebook Page with an audience of more than 28,000, and offered to help.

Armed with a tree climbing kit, he wasted no time and arrived at the scene on Seashell Avenue in Coomera around 11.15pm where he was met by Joel and a number of other concerned residents who had gathered with blankets and torches.

One woman even travelled from Benowa to Coomera to assist.

Tarryn Brooke was one of those residents on the scene, providing updates on the rescue mission direct to hundreds of concerned locals reading on Facebook.

Joel and David both began climbing the tree and, as Joel neared the top, Mia began slowly crawling towards him, eager to get down.

After having gone without food and water in the hot sun for three days, she was finally safe and sound and back in the hands of her owner, Kelly around 11.30pm.

Kelly will contact the Animal Welfare League today to have Mia assessed, although she appeared to be in good health considering the circumstances.

Tarryn said Mia had recently been de-sexed and was only just getting used to being outside.

Gold Coaster Nicole Holland said it was amazing how the community banded together and helped bring the cat down.

“It’s so heartwarming how in the face of adversity the community just gets together to sort out a problem,” she said.

“We read so many bad stories in our news feeds, wondering ‘what’s the world coming to’ sometimes, but this just reminds me of the other 99 per cent of people who are kind, willing, resourceful and have hearts of gold.”