Michael Jackson – friend or foe?

“Michael Jackson is either the most maligned genius to have ever moonwalked the earth, or one of the most depraved, cunning paedophiles we have ever known.”

So says Sunday Night reporter Matt Doran, who has been investigating child sexual abuse allegations against the late pop icon ahead of the new documentary, Leaving Neverland.

Doran’s words cut right to the core.


Because he’s right.

It’s something I have personally struggled with over time, especially once I had children of my own, and introduced them to the King of Pop. My kids adore his music. My eldest daughter’s face lights up when she hears the first few bars of “Blame it on the Boogie”. His music transcends time, generations, trends and genres.

And yet…

There is a cloud. A really big, dark cloud. Because as much as we try to ignore it, we all know that something fishy was going on with Michael Jackson and his relationship with children.

I’ve tried to keep my head out of the details, because, honestly? I didn’t want to know them. I didn’t want to wrestle with my feelings around being a massive fan of his music, whilst also not wanting to support a child abuser.

But I think the time has come where we can no longer ignore the facts.

Doran got into it all on Sunday Night, where he shared a lot of uncomfortable truths.

For instance: we know that Jackson fed young boys wine, calling it Jesus Juice. That in itself is enough to raise serious suspicion about his intentions – who gives a child alcohol?! – and that is at the lower end of the scale when it comes to his alleged offences.

Other things we know for sure?

Jackson also had a collection of softcore child porn; his fingerprints were found on one of the books. One of his accusers was able to tell police about unique marking on Jackson’s genitalia. And one of his employees, a security guard called Melanie, told Doran she once saw Jackson cupping the genitals of an 11-year-old boy.

The reality is this: if Jackson wasn’t famous, he likely would have been convicted.

“If you’d stripped the celebrity and fame away from the defendant in that dock… [an ordinary man] facing these ghastly allegations would be unlikely to see another day of freedom,” Doran says.

And that’s a fact we can no longer ignore.

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OK, I need to correct a few things about your article here. Firstly, you say that you know that Michael Jackson “fed young boys wine, calling it Jesus Juice. That in itself is enough to raise serious suspicion about his intentions – who gives a child alcohol?!”

This is categorically wrong. Jackson never supplied wine to any kids, and the case that you refer to for this sentence was part of his 2005 trial. One of the lesser “misdemeanour” charges was supplying alcohol to a minor, a charge that he was found not guilty of. The evidence shows that he sometimes decanted wine into Coke cans as he didn’t want people (such as his own kids) to know what he was drinking, and gave it the nickname Jesus Juice which is unusual but also innocuous.. The evidence also shows the Arvizo kids had found the codes to access the locked wine cellar and security found them helping themselves to the wine in Jackson’s absence.

Secondly, Jackson did not have a collection of child p***, softcore or otherwise. That alone would have been enough to secure a conviction and put him in jail. Jackson had a library containing thousands of books, varying topics. The media focus seems to be on one particular book containing photos of naked boys with no s**ual connotation whatsoever, without proof that Jackson bought this book or was gifted it and claiming it was used to seduce kids.

Thirdly, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the strip search performed on Jackson showed no corroborating evidence that the child’s description of markings were correct. This is a flat out lie. Using this evidence, two grand juries refused to indict Michael Jackson. Had these descriptions been accurate there would have been a criminal trial and Jackson could not have stopped it.

The overwhelming evidence shows Jackson to be a heteros**ual man who was the victim of many many extortion attempts. One was successful, and he was advised to settle a Civil suit with the Chandlers. This settlement could not prevent them from testifying in a criminal case against him, indeed June Chandler testified at the 2005 trial. This settlement has always been wrongly viewed as buying silence when the only terms are that neither side could discuss in the media.

You cannot stop someone from testifying in a criminal trial with a civil settlement. The fact that this extortion attempt was successful showed Jackson to be an easy target and what has followed is a string of accusers looking for a pay day, usually approaching lawyers previously involved and concocting horrible paedophilic narratives that have come from one journalist, Victor Gutierrez, who fled the USA after being sued by Jackson to avoid paying damages to the singer.

So far there has been no evidence whatsoever that Michael Jackson was guilty of child molestation. There has been a lot of innuendo, provable lying and questionable media motives. This is at best shocking, and at worst the most shameful episode of character assassination the world has ever seen.

The father of jordon Gave the kids Jesus juice, not micheal. I usually don’t comment on articles that aren’t well researched and just scroll on. However, we all have to face something, that your accusing someone of a very serious crime. During his life, he faces these charges and was found nor guilty by a jury. We have to respect that verdict, especially now he is dead. Your accusations are that of a man who is dead and can’t defend himself. Every article L read says nothing about his catologue of music which sold for $900 million dollars recently.? And after finding a child lying about this on the internet, a set up for money.. I watched this kid lie on television show and l could have believe him. If the journalist didn’t undecover an elaborate scam to set MJ up. That makes it even worse than now after he’s dead and possibly richer than in death than life. We are condemning a man, a dead man, to trial by the MEDIA. That’s not right.

BRAVO to this poster who outlined the most precise narrative that supports MJ’s innocence. Everything in this despicable article was the result of accepting details from known liars who sold their stories to the tabloids! If these so called witnesses to Michael’s s**ual abuse were truthful, they could have left his employ and reported him if they were so concerned about protecting children! Surely this woman could have found a job as a maid somewhere else! What does her silence say about her own fitness as a character witness? There’s so much here that’s been regurgitated for years, hoping a new audience will read it and be shocked without knowing the facts. Michael Jackson is the most maligned public figure in modern memory. His persecution has been relentless and comes from powerful sources that insist on focusing the public’s attention on the most famous star in the world, when in reality they should be looking elsewhere for the real criminals against children! Michael was aware of the conspiracy and the reasons behind it, but held back on speaking publicly out of justifiable fear. More people should seek out the passionate speeches he gave to world leaders on his international tours. Michael wanted to make people aware of the international network of child exploitation so that efforts could be made to end child s** abuse, trafficking and slavery. Why is it that no one ever talks about the real reason Michael wanted to protect and heal children around the world? He cherished children for their innocence and wanted them to say that way. But if more people listened to what he was saying, it would shine a light on some very powerful people who patronize the services of those deviant networks. And the bottom line is, they couldn’t let that happen, so enter Michael Jackson, innocent lover and advocate of children – their Sacrificial Lamb. We’ve already had one Crucifixion for the sins of humanity. Must we suffer though another while Satan does its dirty work?

I agree. These sudden witnesses took their payday back when MJ was alive, and now waited 10 years after his death to take another payday. They could have gone to the police and been under police protection had the information been true. If they saw what they say they saw, they would be implicit in helping him abuse children. I struggle because it goes against everything in me to not believe a victim, but there is something I just don’t believe in this case.
I believe that if people do not first take criminal accusations to the police, they shouldn’t be allowed to sell it to the media. And now they should be investigated.