Michaelia Cash advisor resigns after tipping off media about AWU raids

Employment Minister Michaelia Cash has admitted that one of her workers did in fact tip off the media about the Australian Workers Union raids.

It’s understood Cash’s senior media adviser admitted to leaking the information and has since resigned.

“Without my knowledge, one staff member in my office, in the course of discussions with journalists, indicated that he had received information that a raid may take place,” Ms Cash told the Senate.


“I was not aware of it at the time and was not aware of it earlier today at Senate estimates. This took place without my knowledge and was not authorised by me,” she said.

The Australian Federal Police raided the Australian Workers Union Sydney and Melbourne headquarters on Tuesday over donations made by the union over a decade ago, when it was lead by Opposition Leader Bill Shorten.

There are reports the Union will be launching a Federal Court challenge into the investigation by the Registered Organisations Commission.