Michelle Bridges breaks down in tears in promo for The Biggest Loser Families

Michelle Bridges is not usually emotional, but in the latest trailer for The Biggest Loser Families the trainer can be seen breaking down in tears.

The fitness fanatic is forced to spend a week of eating everything the Jofre family (who she will be training) normally eats – and it’s a lot.

One meal placed in front of the 44-year-old is a giant 2.5kg burrito, which is the ‘size of a newborn child’.


‘I’m beyond words,’ Michelle says in shock.

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The task was obviously overwhelming for the trainer, who can be seen wiping away tears in the next clip.

The teaser then reveals that Michelle and her fellow trainers will jump on the scales for a weigh-in that promises shock results.

TBL Families is coming soon to Network Ten.