Mick Fanning admits to nightmares following shark attack

TWEED Heads surfer Mick Fanning has revealed he suffers nightmares and looks over his shoulder a bit more when in the water, after surviving a shark attack.

The three-time World Champion has opened up about seeking professional help to deal with the aftermath of the near-death experience, which was broadcast live, the footage of which made global headlines.

Fanning was competing at J-Bay in South Africa on July 19 when a Great White came up behind him and ripped his leg rope.


‘I guess when something like this happens, you’re in your own mind, and your mind can play tricks on you,’ he told 60 Minutes on Sunday night.

The 34-year-old now plans to sit down with shark-attack victim Matthew Lee, who was mauled at Ballina on the NSW Far North Coast in July.

The bodyboarder continues to undergo treatment in Gold Coast University Hospital.

Fanning has also confirmed, he will rejoin the world tour for the next stop in Tahiti on August 14.