Mick Fanning’s older brother has passed away

Gold Coast surfer Mick Fanning has woken up to the devastating news that his older brother, Peter,  tragically passed away overnight.

A close family friend of Fanning confirmed the death, saying Peter was staying at Fanning’s Gold Coast home following his recent divorce.

It’s believed Peter, 43, had three children.


Surfer Magazine also posted about the tragedy in a public Facebook post.

“This year has presented more ups and downs for Mick Fanning than most can fathom,” the post said.

“Today, he woke to the news that his older brother had passed away in his sleep.

“Now, he paddles out into his Round Three heat against Jamie O’Brien with a World Title on the line.

“We’re rooting for you, Mick. We all are”.

Fanning lost his younger brother, Sean, 17 years ago in a car accident.

He also faced his own near death experience when he was attacked by a great white shark while surfing in South Africa earlier this year.

After hearing the news in Hawaii this morning, Fanning continued with his round three heat which he won against local Jamie O’Brien.