Migaloo continues to head north under watchful eye

Migaloo is continuing to be monitored by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service as he makes his way north today.

National Parks and Environment Minister Dr Steven Miles said a QPWS vessel would maintain a ‘compliance watch’ over the white whale until he reached the safe waters of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

“If Migaloo maintains his current progress he is expected to arrive in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park sometime over the weekend and he will be monitored until then,” Dr Miles said.


Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services said the reason Migaloo will continue to be monitored in waters is due to the reported behaviour of a number of boats off the Gold Coast on Tuesday.

Dr Miles said wildlife officers from the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection were continuing their investigation into a complaint lodged in response to an incident on Tuesday.

“No comment will be made on that particular investigation while it is ongoing but it is very important that all marine users and operators of aircraft, respect the approach limits around all whales as they make their way through Queensland State waters,” he said.

Migaloo and other white whales have special protection which means boats and prohibited vessels must not approach within 500 metres.

The maximum penalty for intentionally moving too close to a whale is $20,113.50 or an on the spot fine of $609.