Migaloo spotted off Byron Bay

UPDATE: Migaloo the white whale has been spotted swimming in waters off Byron Bay on Tuesday morning.

Seven News captured the moment on video and posted it on Twitter.


EARLIER: It is looking like we might catch a glimpse of Migaloo the white whale in Gold Coast waters on Tuesday, as he makes his way to the calmer waters of Hervey Bay.

The humpback, who has stolen hearts since he was first seen off Byron Bay in 1991, was spotted at Coffs Harbour on Sunday.

General Manager Seaworld Whale Watch David Robertson said the phone had been ringing hot with people trying to make bookings to get on their boat.

He said “people really do know that he is on his way and that there is a good chance to see him”.

“It is often a once in a lifetime opportunity to see him because we’ve seen him twice in the last six years, so it’s a pretty rare thing to see him.

Mr Robertson said Migaloo’s first ever appearance off Byron Bay heralded the recovery of the whale population “he appeared at a time when the whales were first recovering”.

“We haven’t been able to guarantee that you will see a whale until about five years ago, prior to that the whales were recovering from whaling” he said.

He finished by saying he thinks the albino humpback is not only winning over humans “I think he’s a star with the other whales as well, when we’ve seen him in the past sometimes he’s travelling with an escort of whales all around him like the prince of whales”.

Social media erupted on Friday morning after the giant all-white mammal was spotted cruising north in waters off Port Stephens, north of Newcastle.

The most recent sighting of Migaloo was off Yamba on Monday morning.