Mike Tyson reportedly punches man who harassed him on plane

Former boxing champion Mike Tyson is making headlines after allegedly unleashing several punches on a plane passenger accused of harassing him.

According to witnesses on the plane, Tyson took a selfie with the excited young man at first, however, it’s understood he then wouldn’t leave him alone.

Video obtained by TMZ backs up the witness accounts, showing the man appearing to pester the 55-year-old before he eventually loses his cool.


The incident is understood to have occurred on a late-night flight from California to Florida on Wednesday night.

It’s not yet known if the police have been contacted or if any charges will be laid over the mid-flight bust up.

Tyson, known as “Iron Mike”, is considered to be one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time, reigning as the undisputed world heavyweight champion from 1987 to 1990.