Miley Cyrus sends homeless man to accept MTV VMA award

Miley Cyrus has sent a homeless man on stage to accept her award for best music video at the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles.

The provocative blonde singer had tears welling in her eyes as she watched her date to the ceremony walk on stage to accept the gong for her controversial ‘Wrecking Ball’ video.

Cyrus sat on a ledge and looked wistfully at the stage as her proxy surprised the crowd.


The long-haired man, identified only as Jesse, delivered a speech about homelessness in the US and told the audience to visit Cyrus’ Facebook page to support the cause.

“Help me raise awareness and funds to end youth homelessness. This is just the beginning for me, but we’re going to get started now by focusing on My Friend’s Place, a homeless centre for young people in Hollywood,” the 21-year-old singer posted on the social media page minutes later.

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