Military flyover leaves cloud trail over the Gold Coast

Large - Jet trails - Amanda Louise Fryer - Feb 27 2014GOLD COASTERS were treated to a rare sight on Thursday morning when a group of military aircraft flew over the city, leaving behind a striking trail formation.

It’s believed the jets were training out of the RAAF Base at Amberley (40kms south-west of Brisbane) and also out of Richmond in NSW for the Point Cook Air Show in Victoria on March 1-2.

Gold Coast Photographer Amanda Louise Fryer was out the front of the Avalon Apartments in Surfers Paradise when she noticed the trails at around 9.45am.


“Being a photographer, I’m always looking around for things to shoot,” Amanda said.

“I didn’t have my camera and took the shots with my phone! I thought the lines were pretty cool with the Q1 in the picture.”

Dozens of people uploaded similar pictures of the spectacle to social media, reigniting the great chem-trail debate among passionate conspiracy theorists.

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