Milk War: Just what brands should you be supporting?

Over the past couple of weeks an incredible Milk War has erupted in Australia.

Shoppers are voting with their wallets and showing the supermarket chains they’re happy to pay a bit more for dairy products if it means supporting those who get up at the crack of dawn to provide it for us.

The battle was brought to the fore when two of Australia’s largest milk processing companies slashed their farm gate milk prices dramatically – in the middle of the contract year – and asked the farmers to pay back their profits retrospectively.


The farmers became vocal and the public was outraged at seeing the backbone of our country crippled.

Photos emerged of supermarket shelves being emptied of the ‘local brands’ and remaining stocked with the Coles and Woolworths discount bottles.

Facebook pages have been set up to promote people power and have even created images to help shoppers know just what brands should be supported (see below), as well as what not to buy.

milk to buy

There will be a rally at Parliament House in Brisbane today at 12.30pm with supporters encouraged to meet at Queens Garden at midday.