Millionaire Hot Seat website crashes due to a flood of Queensland applicants

The website for popular game show Millionaire Hot Seat has reportedly crashed overnight, due to an influx of Queensland applicants.

It was confirmed yesterday that the show will be filming on the Gold Coast for the next seven weeks, after it was forced to stop production in Melbourne due to the coronavirus.

Host Eddie McGuire arrived on the Gold Coast with family yesterday, where he’s now undergoing two weeks of quarantine.


The set will then be installed at the Convention Centre, where 30 episodes will be filmed featuring only Queensland applicants due to the border restrictions.

Channel 9 has been plugging the application website for just 24 hours, and it’s been flooded by Queenslanders hoping to have a go.

Eddie McGuire’s just told The Today Show, the website has had a little trouble trying to process everyone.

“We put it out last night, it broke the server, the amount of Queenslanders trying to get into the Hot Seat.

“So we’re really looking forward to it,” McGuire said.

All episodes through to Christmas will feature Queensland players, questions, and footage of the Sunshine State, to entice back holiday makers once borders are open.

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