Millions of low income Aussies to receive additional $750

Millions of Australians will be able to get an additional $750 payment, as part of further support from the federal government.

The one-off payment will be made to around five million Aussies on lower incomes, costing around $3.8 million.

They’ll start rolling out from this week, and will be paid by the end of the month.


Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg told The Today Show that a variety of people will be eligible.

“People are going to use the money as they see fit. That’s how it should be. $750 cash payments going to five million Australians on income support, pensioners, veterans, those on Carers payments as well as other eligible concession card holders, that is appropriate for the time. 

“It’s our second $750 payment and this payment will cost around $4 billion but it will go to people who need it and whether they spend it on their day-to-day items or they pay down some of their debts that’s a matter for them,” Treasurer Frydenberg said.

But the treasurer has confirmed that those on the Job Seeker payments will not be eligible for the additional payment.

The federal government is also due to unveil its next round of stimulus next week, ahead of the Job Keeper and Job Seeker payments wrapping up in September.

It will be announced on July 23.

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