Miracle escape as propeller slices through passenger plane midair

PASSENGERS on board a domestic flight over Canada have narrowly avoided death after a propeller blade speared through the cabin midair. 

Christine Kurylo was sitting in row seven of the Jazz Aviation Bombardier Q-400 aircraft when the blade sliced through her window around 8.30pm. 

Miraculously, just three of the 71 passengers and four crew on board the flight received minor injuries, including Ms Kurylo.


The frightening incident forced the plane to make an emergency landing at Edmonton International Airport.

Fellow plane passenger and friend of Ms Kurylo, Melissa Menard posted photographs of the damaged plane to Facebook. 

“This is a picture of a propeller that sliced through a passenger window,” Ms Menard wrote. “The person on the other side of that window was my friend Christina Kurylo how she is alive is a miracle.”

“I on the other hand had no injuries and as our night went on, had a pretty clear understanding of what actually happened in row 7 and how lucky we as passengers and the airline are that nobody is dead.”

The Transport Safety Board of Canada is investigating the incident.

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PICTURE: Facebook/Melissa Menard