Mishka begins Polar Bear Pre-school at Sea World

Move over Prince George, there’s another adorable youngster starting school this week.

Sea World’s Polar Bear Cub, Mishka, will make her public debut at Polar Pre-School today.

The inquisitive four-month-old will explore her new surrounds to the delight of crowds after the Main Beach theme park opened a new section of their Polar Bear Shores exhibit.


Polar Pre-School is a specially designed area which allows for Mishka to develop her life-skills, explore new substrates and learn to swim under the watchful eye of doting mum, Liya.

Image: Supplied

“This is a huge milestone in her development and I can’t wait for our guests to be able to witness her as she plays and interacts with mum,” Sea World Curator of Mammals, Mitchell Leroy said.

“She is continuing to grow significantly in size and is now weighing roughly 25kgs and starting to interact with solid foods including fish, beef and pork.

“I think everyone will fall in love with Mishka and that’s a great situation for all Polar Bears as she will help to raise awareness and create empathy for this vulnerable species.”

Image: Supplied