Misleading Peppa Pig episode pulled off air

Potentially deadly spiders may not be a daily reality in the UK, but here in Australia we are often confronted by the hairy, eight-legged beasts.

And, that is why an episode of the much-loved children’s cartoon, Peppa Pig, has been banned from our screens.

“Mister Skinny Legs”, which originally aired way back in 2004, carried the message that spiders “can’t hurt you”. WRONG.


Have you met the Funnel Web, Redback, Trapdoor or White Tail spider? They are just a few of our most deadly arachnids.

According to Australian Geographic, we are home to some of the most venomous spiders in the world. The last recorded spider-caused death was in April 2016, the first since 1981.

However, in the UK, this is not the case. And therefore the amazing people who entertain our little ones with a pretentious pink pig thought it was a good idea to spread that message to their audience.

But, Aussie parents complained the 2004 episode encouraged their kids to play with spiders after Peppa has a tea party with her new ‘friend’. Can you imagine? “Please pass the sugar Mr Tarantula.”

It was banned by the ABC and removed from the internet in 2012, but has reared its ugly head again –
aired on Nickelodeon channel Nick Jr on August 25.

Essential Baby reports, one Sydney mother complained to the channel, but was told they wouldn’t be taking it off air.

“The context of the way the spider is portrayed in the episode lessens any impact of scariness or danger; the spider does not look real, it has a smiley face and is shown in context of a show with other talking animals and therefore in an environment where the animals and creatures are not shown acting out their real nature,” Nickelodeon Australia Management wrote in an email.

After being contacted by the website, it agreed to remove the show.