Miss Teen Universe resigns amid bullying claims

A GOLD Coast beauty queen crowned Miss Teenager Universe last year has given up her title after claiming she was ‘bullied’ by organisers and denied half her prize money. 

Highland Park teen Jasmine Stringer yesterday resigned from the role she won last July in Panama, beating 30 competitors from around the world. She had earlier won Miss Teenager Australia.

The 17-year-old’s focus after winning both crowns was to speak out against cyber bullying, of which she says she is now a victim herself.


“When I first entered the pageant, my main cause was to make a stand against Cyber bullying however, for the past 3 months I have been bullied by the Miss Teenager Universe organisation run by Toni Berganza in Guatemala who has sent me threats and ultimatums involving finances which as a 17 year old I do not have,” Jasmine said in a public statement.

“I have represented as Miss Teenager Universe at an exceptional level expected of a beauty queen but unfortunately the organisation has not shown me any respect in return.

“Under the guidance of my former National Director Thelma Rodriguez, I have made the decision to resign from this role as I do not wish to be associated with an organisation that is so unprofessional and bullies their teenage queens.

“I would highly recommend that teenage girls from around the world do their own research before entering a contest.”

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