Missing 7yo sparks giant community response on Gold Coast

Residents in Upper Coomera and Oxenford rallied overnight, after hearing a 7-year-old boy was missing from his home.

The Gold Coast Community Page on Facebook was alive with an impromptu ‘Amber Alert’ post, before it was shared over a hundred times by followers.

Police were involved in the search, deploying their general patrol units to the area as well as a search helicopter around 9.30pm.


The initial post to the Gold Coast Community Page on Facebook said that Police had issued an ‘Amber Alert’, though police have confirmed this morning that they did not.

“Helicopter is announcing an Amber Alert for a 7 year old male child missing since 8.30pm – last seen Davey/ David ? St Upper Coomera area. Dark hair and blue shirt with black shorts. Call 000 immediately if you see him,” the Facebook post read.

While police were involved in the search, they’ve urged the community not to post ‘Amber Alert’ posts in future, unless they have been officially issued.

When questioned over whether an ‘Amber Alert’ was actually issued for the missing boy, Queensland Police responded:

“Amber Alerts are only issued by Queensland Police and carry our insignia. This is not an official #AmberAlert. A child was reported missing in the Upper Coomera area this evening however was located a short time later,” a reply tweet said.

The missing boy was found in his house just 20 minutes after police were notified.